Thursday, September 29, 2016

Café DaPoPo/Opening Night
Sat, Oct 1st, 7:30p, Blue Apples Arts and Wellness Centre
5228 Blowers Street

The 2016 Live-In Festival (LIFe), running from October 1st through October 31st, kicks off with one of DaPoPo's most celebrated performances, Café DaPoPo. A handful of performers have prepared performances that are ripe for the picking to be delivered directly to your table, as a delicious counterpoint to Blue Apples' inspired vegan cuisine.

Margaret Smith, Kristi Anderson, and Emily Shute serenade a patron at Café DaPoPo. 
As with all LIFe events, admission and pricing is by donation – at this one, you may order individually priced performances, ranging from sonnets through songs to performance art, from a specially created performance menu.

Café ensemble Zach Faye, Andrew Chandler, Eric Benson, Ann Doyle, Amy Reitsma, Keelin Jack, and Matthew Peach entertain a table at the Freies Museum Berlin.  
A motto for Café DaPoPo? Expect the unexpected, as one patron remarked. Patrons can tailor their order to their taste: add a sock puppet, make it intimate, or queer your order. Ask for extra sauce. Add cheese. Or request cross-dressing. You choose how you would like your performances delivered.

Garry Williams with a sad sock puppet. 
If you would like to help us raise funds to cover Festival expenses, join us for this fantastic night out – bring a friend! – for a cover of $5.-, which comes with a theatrical amuse bouche. Then, you can order what you please!

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