Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Live-In Time:
Playing, Mourning, and Suffering 
With the [elephants] collective

Looking for an unusual, out-of town theatre injection? Curious about depression? Pushing your limits? Time? Reserve your tickets now for three exciting events at the Live-In Festival.

We are excited to host the [elephants] collective from Monday, Oct 21st - Saturday, Oct 22nd. Thomas McKechnie. Jesse Byiers, Hannah Kaya, Michael Reinhart, andrew Gaboury, Nicole De Angelis, and Montgomery Martin will be coming to Halifax for the DaPoPo Live-In Festival.

This theatre-making collective was originally brought together by Theatre Passe Mureille's Emerging Artist Program in 2013, and have been creating work, consensus-based, ever since. This year, we are delighted to host them as part of the Live-In Festival: Working Together.

On Monday, Thomas McKechie reads his hour-long exploration of mental suffering 4 1/2 igNoble Truths, "a show for those times when you can't get out of bed", at the Bus Stop Theatre.

On Tuesday, also at the Bus Stop Theatre, Jesse Byiers leads The Actors' Gym a facilitated hour-and-a-half of high intensity play/exercise for actors (and anyone else), physical theatre training, partly inspired by the methodology of theatre visionary Jerzy Grotowsky, and the SITI Company.

From Friday to Saturday, the [elephants] will present their 24-hour durational game/ritual A Wake For Lost Time. Part ritual and part game, Wake is chance to meditate on the loss of time, but also how we know time at all.

What's in this for you? Theatre of exploration, theatre of ideas, theatre of ritual. A play about mental suffering, just back from the SummerWorks Festival. A facilitated hour-and-a-half of high intensity play/exercise for actors. A non-stop, 24-hour, interactive, and interdisciplinary performance.

All events by suggested donation. Reservation required for The Actors' Gym, and strongly recommended for 4 1/2 igNoble Truths and A Wake For Lost Time.

Monday, Oct 17 • 4 1/2 igNoble Truths • 7:30p • The Bus Stop Theatre
Tuesday, Oct 18 • The Actors' Gym • 6:30p-8p • The Bus Stop Theatre
Friday, Oct 21 • A Wake For Lost Time • 6:19p (sunset) • t.b.a.