Thursday, June 30, 2016

DAPOPO THEATRE is requesting NEW PLAYS for its octennial play reading series. 

The workshop turns the pages of KAMP, a new musical, book by Jamie Bradley, at the DaPoPo Live-In 2015.  
Submissions will be reviewed by a curatorial committee of DAPOPO CORE ARTISTS and presented throughout October as part of the LIVE-IN FESTIVAL 2016. Works relating to this year's theme, WORKING TOGETHER, are especially encouraged. Preference will also be given to writers able to attend their reading in October.  

High students read Insomniac Society by Stacey Lane at the DaPoPo Live-In 2015.  
We are interested in UNTRIED IDEAS: One-acts, works-in-progress, third drafts, total revisions, and detailed project descriptions (as-yet-undrafted) are welcome. DaPoPo champions style-mashing, genre-hopping, unusual perspectives, and all manner of diversity.

Kim Parkhill leads a talk-back after The Library of Missing People by Kate Cayley in collaboration with Zuppa Theatre
at the DaPoPo Live-In 2015
Winning submissions will be notified in SUMMER 2016. Script analysis and talkback sessions are available to interested writers.


Please submit to as word-compatible (.doc.docx) or (if formatting/typography is non-standard) .pdf files.

Questions are also welcome.

DaPoPo's LIVE-IN FESTIVAL is a community-focused, socially-charged, month-long jamboree mostly in North-end Halifax. Venues include Theatre Nova Scotia's LIVING ROOM and multiple cultural hubs in and around Gottingen street.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Every year as the summer rolls in, we start getting excited about October. For the month of October, we bring together a troupe of local and visiting artists to work together in our play reading, workshop, performance, and special event series. We host premiere readings of new works; offer skill-development workshops; present workshop performances; facilitate panel discussions; create pop-up community hubs.

2015 Live-In panelists Kathryn MacLellan, Sharon Pollock, and Tessa Mendel. (Not pictured: Juanita Peters, Lee-Anne Poole, and facilitator Colleen MacIsaac.) 
This year, we are working together once more to provide challenging programming, unique opportunities, and creative spaces. The Live-In Festival seeks to remain an affordable platform for professional development and creative exploration.

2015 Live-In guest artist Haley McGee in rehearsal for a workshop performance of I Am Doing This For You. 
We invite you to be part of the process, join us on our amazing art journey, and build at least some of your life around the Live-In Festival 2016.

From Steve Cloutier's Live-In 2015 illustrated lecture on the plays of Clifford Odets: (from left) Kyle Gillis, Kim Parkhill, Ira Henderson, Jeff O'Hara, Andrew Chandler, Maggie Hammel, Daniel Gervais, and Garry Williams in O'Regan Hall.