Saturday, August 27, 2016

For the last seven years, DaPoPo Theatre has been hosting a month-long professional development festival, The Live-In Festival (LIFe), based mostly out of the TNS Living Room space on Agricola. The Festival has provided many artists with an invaluable opportunity to try out new ideas; learn new skills; and develop new work and relationships. It has become a much-anticipated event in the Halifax calendar year.  

From October 1st - October 31st we bring together artists and diverse communities to share their work, skills, and passion for the arts. The Festival is run by volunteer coordinators – this year, our team includes long-time company member Kristi Anderson; founding member Steph Berntson; new addition to the crew Lara Lewis; member-of-our Board of Directors and associate artist Michael Lake; associate artist/designer Trevor Poole; associate artist Quincy Russell; and Garry Williams, Artistic Director of the Company.

Our Script Series is devoted to public readings of upwards of a dozen new scripts. Our Workshop Series features several professional development and skill-sharing opportunities. Our Special Events Series brings our communities together in fun and creative ways. And our Performance Series includes exciting new work by local artists, as well artists from out of town.

What is most extraordinary: the Festival is audience funded, and run almost entirely on suggested donations. Out theme, this year, is “Working Together”.

We would like to give you an opportunity to help us by purchasing our Festival Pass: The Live-In Key. At a cost of $100.-, the Live-In Key gives you free access to ALL of the Script Series readings and Special Events, as well as ONE free workshop (reservation required and subject to availability); and ONE free performance (2 tickets). The Live-In Key is also transferable.

If you choose to help us in this way, your money will go towards the overhead costs of the Festival, including venue rental and administrative fees. Indirectly, you will be helping us pay the artists, as 100% of our Box Office donations go to honoraria, once we have covered up-front expenses.   

We sincerely hope you will work together with us to not only make this Festival possible, but allow it to grow. To purchase your tax-deductible Live-In Key, please contact us: <>.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


DaPoPo Theatre is seeking 2-3 actors, as well as an artist/technician/designer, who would be available to collaborate on an exciting theatre performance (A Wake For Lost Time) with some of this year’s guest artists (members of [elephants] collective) who we are delighted to welcome as part of the DaPoPo Live-In Festival 2016: Working Together.

Applicants must be available for rehearsals the week of Oct 16 - 20th, as well as a 24-hour performance from Oct 21 - 22nd. In addition, they will be expected to train and build content in preparation to rehearsals. There will be some compensation (minimum: profit share).

It is important to note that "A Wake For Lost Time" is an unusually physically demanding piece, both in terms of the content of the production (choreography and physical action) and the rigour of performing it for 24 hours straight. [elephants] collective is first and foremost committed to actor safety, and in-turn it is important that we highlight this to all prospective applicants.

We are particularly interested in artists who identify as members of marginalized or racialized  communities including, but not limited to, artists of colour; women; and artists over 30.

Applicants will have an opportunity to “meet” with the artists from [elephants] collective via “Skype”.

This is an amazing opportunity for local artists to collaborate with these exciting and inspiring artists. Upon expression of interest, DaPoPo will also be glad to supply a Company History and Project Description.

For more information or to express interest, please contact us at If possible, please include a short bio, headshot, and/or resumé. If this does not interest you, but you know of someone who might enjoy this unique opportunity, please help us by forwarding this announcement.

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 26th